Who we are

Did you know that The Duddels are brought to life by a small team of approx. six people? In the past,many people have contributed to their creation and helped them jump across the screen full of energy for the viewers to see. However,there is a fixed team of regulars who have been with The Duddels right from the start. They are:

Friedbert lächelt dich an

Friedbert Wissmann

Author,director,composer and innovator of The Duddels. App development and design.

Holger sitzt am Tisch

Holger Sroka

Animator of the series:Hausbau,Spielzeugkiste,Turm,Pyramide,Labyrinth,Murmeln,Gocart,Windmobile and Hürdenlauf,scenic design,layout for print app design for “Ziiip”.

Angelina grübelt

Angelina Hofmann

Animator of the series:Balance,Wippe and Skateboard. Scenic design,layout for print.

Johannes freut sich

Johannes Wissmann

Animator of the series:Verstecken,Fussball,Tanzen,Pendel and Papierflieger;scenic design,layout for print,app developer,app design “Priranhas”,“Ziiip”.

Bild nicht vorhanden

Adrian Strangfeld

Programmer Duddels app,Tiptap,ABC,LIP(lock in place),Duddels TV,layout development.

Maik lässt sich fotografieren

Maik Teucher

Programmer of the apps:Priranha,Ziiip,Dresdner Porzellan,WT-Energiesysteme,Duddels Trumpf,layout development.

Interesting topics in conjunction with our Duddels.

Our work brought us into contact with science. Prof. Sturzbecher who is the director of the Institute for Applied Family,Children’s and Youth Research in Potsdam investigated aggressive behaviour in children with the help of the animation series. Hereby he found that the series can help children develop strategies for managing conflict situations.


Report by Prof. Sturzbecher

Short story on how the Duddels TV movie app was made

On a flight back to Germany from a trade fair in Cannes,there was a young woman sat next to me with a baby and her young 3-year-old daughter. Due to turbulence,the air hostess insisted that everyone keep their seat belts on. After a short time,the little girl kept opening and closing her belt. The mother got cross with her and so she started crying and screaming which also became unpleasant for the other passengers. I then gave the girl my iPhone with our animation film series “DUDDELS” and this immediately captured her attention. The continued turbulence and uncomfortable pressure in the ears didn’t seem to bother her anymore. She didn’t even seem bothered by the landing. This prompted us to make our animation films into a playful app to offer parents a form of distraction for their children whilst travelling – the stories of The Duddels.