Duddels TV preview video

Once upon a time ... forget that... The Duddels exist in the here and now!In this app,you'll find all 15 episodes together in a box for the young and not-so-young. Eh?! You don't know who or what the Duddels are? You never heard of those five little friends and their hilarious ideas? Well,it's about time then, because the Duddels won't wait for you!They're always trying out new things and you can join them. Or maybe not. After all, it's a box you can open and close as often as you want. It's just the thing for travelling or a little break in between.

Too much talk? Here's the short version:15 computer-animated short movies of about 5 minutes of length for children between 3 and 8 are waiting for you. Enjoy.

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Choose between 15 adventures

Pick a movie to watch it
All films are in a colourful,interactive 3D environment.
Interact with the environment
Be curious and explore the screen.

Or play with the environment

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