Duddels Trump preview video

Here they are again!The Duddels!And this time,they reshuffled the cards!There are 32 cards in total and all of them have their own strengths!You will get 16 of them,and that's exactly how much will be given to ... well, who, actually? You should think twice about that, because Max may already be quite good at the game, while Anne has trouble just holding the cards, and Sven is almost invincible! And yet, the task is actually very easy. Just look for the best of six numbers on a card and win the trick. Two game modes are waiting for you! How much more time do you want to spend reading this? Come on, the Duddels are already busy practicing!

Draw a Card
Compete against each of the 5 Duddels and find out if you can beat the best of them.
Choose highest value
Each value represents an element on the card. Find the best value in order to win but be careful, it isn’t always the highest!

The cards back

Anne Sven Olga Fritz Max
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