The Duddels

“The Duddels“ is an animation film series for children. In several episodes with a length of 4-5 minutes five little figures expierence exciting and funny adventures. With these animations childrens are encouraged to put their ideas with simple things such as dominos in practice. The episodes use a pseudo language,so that the stories could be viewed by people all over the world. Below the already produced episodes and the episodes in production are introduced with short comments.


It‘s easy to build a house of dominoes. But is such a building sufficient for them all? The craftship of the Duddels grows with their fantasy and so they start into a funny home building journey.


It takes not much more than a domino and four wheels to build a skateboard. Fritz has it down pat and inspires the others to participate. Soon everybody laugh about their first clumsy steps. But bit by bit it works better and finally Olga does conjuring tricks on her board.

Wind Vehicle

A strong wind makes it difficult to walk. But a domino with four wheels and an umbrella rapidly pick up speed. It is perfect when the duddels add a sail and test their vehicle.


Sven builds from a domino,four wheels and a steering wheel a GoCart. The Duddels are delighted. Swiftly for every one of them is built up a vehicle and a twisty race track thrue the scenery. The race starts but who will win?


Boredom is rampant. This isn‘t made any better by Olga rambling on like a waterfall. Then Max has an idea to save the day. Why not build a tower? It doesn‘t matter that mechanics is a foreign word for the Duddels ... or does it?


The Duddels are merely sliding along the dominoes when they discover the entrance to a pyramid. Courageously the five friends venture inside. Strange things are waiting for them until they discover in their own way a little treasure.

Paper Plane

A paper falling down of the desk animates Fritz to construct an airplane. After several difficulties at first,the Duddels succeed with a rapid flight throuh the nursery. From that moment everyone of them likes to be a pilot.


Marbles made of glas enchant all kids and the Duddels too. With a vast number of ideas they build with paper crazy marble runs all over the nursery. To rejoice Max,Fritz becomes a marble himself.

Box of Toys

The box of toys has always been fascinating the Duddels. But how to get in? A big staircase of dominoes is the solution. Much more difficult is the question of how they come out again!

Hurdle Race

Can sport be fun? If Max knocks down all hurdles to be the first at the finish line,the others don’t accept this. How many things can happen in a hurdle race,tells this story.


Dominos hung up between two filaments become a marvellous swing or a tricky course to go thrue. Who knows what they‘ll do next?


There are lots of funny things,but not as simple as they at first appear!When Anna balances on a domino,Olga thinks that this belongs in the category of simple things. She would be correct,of course,if it weren‘t for the three young boys who have their own notion of balance.


Chaos in the domino sea. The dominoes are strewn all about. How can it be expected to navigate there? And where are the voices from Anna and Olga coming from? This gives Fritz an idea. A labyrinth!Everybody starts working on it. But how are they to find their way out again?


Music is in the air and Anna and Olga soon pick up the rythm. That looks really daft to the boys and they begin to laugh. But when the both girls start making acrobatic moves,Max,Fritz and Sven become fascinated and participate.


Dominoes are wonderful. Mix a bunch of them with our friends‘ unbounded desire to play and let the games begin!Who would have thought that such things would be possible when the laws of physics are discovered step by step?

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